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At SafeResponse we develop technologies and partner with local charities to prevent and respond domestic violence and other forms of intimate partner abuse. Our grassroots efforts and partners keep our activity and dollars focused on local impact.
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Stronger Than Espresso App – Resources for prevention and healing

We built this app for our friends at Stronger Than Espresso a powerful local agency working to prevent domestic violence Everyone can play an active role in stopping domestic violence and sexual assault before it occurs by helping establishing a safe environment.  

Taking steps to stop harassment or violence can make a significant difference in someone’s life, and send a powerful message to society that violence is not acceptable. The App even has an interactive guide to help you talk through someone’s situation to see if they are being abused and what to do about it. When a friend says “I need help now? What do you do?


SafeNight – Hotels nights when shelters are full

When shelters are full, this app enables donors to pay for a hotel night for someone / families in danger from Domestic Violence.

We built the beta version of this App and support our friends at Caravan Studios to run this program, nation-wide – with North Texas being a leader in terms of adoption.

Download the app, subscribe to the needs of a local shelter, and you will be notified when help is desperately needed.

SafeResponse – Local needs, beyond the first Safe Night

SafeResponse is a locally-based, flexible app that allows people to learn of immediate needs from domestic violence shelters working with the survivors they serve. Needs range from short term shelter to covering childcare until a first paycheck to come in, to transportation to move to a safe and supported environment. SafeResponse is on Google Play and iTunes.