Humanitarian Logistics

With our GiveConnect platform, we connect those in need of specific medical equipment and products with those who have what is needed, often with lifesaving results.

Examples include:

EqXchange – we identify surplus medical equipment in the USA, Europe and other countries and get it to those in need in less developed areas of the world, raising the capacity of Global Blood Fund members around the globe to improve and save lives.

Family & Intimate Partner Violence

With SafeSolutions, we empower our communities to provide rescue in the moment of crisis.

Donors learn of immediate needs in the community and can take immediate action. Additionally, individuals can get involved with their community to support other needs and take action to prevent crises before they even start. Whether is rescuing someone from an abusive family situation or providing safe shelter for escapees from human trafficking, or simply enabling the local police to pay for some basic needs for someone they meet on their patrol, SafeSolutions enable all of our community members to ‘be there’ in the moment of need.


paying for hotel stays for victims of domestic violence.


Getting people a safe place at another agency when their local caregiver cannot meet the need.


Allowing caregivers in the domestic violence and human trafficking space to collaborate, securely.

AdavnceNet is a proud collaboration partner, supporting initiatives led by Caravan Studios.