AdvanceNet Racial Justice Statement and Plan

At AdvanceNet, our work centers around empowering those who come from vulnerable communities to increase their quality of life.

Our broader aim is to “spark a fundamental change in how our society cares for and empowers the disenfranchised.”

Financial Support

We made a financial contribution to Faith in Texas. Faith and Justice are both core values to our team members. Our leadership has participated in a small project with this fine organization in the past and we are adding this dimension to the relationship.

Strategic Involvement

We have been accepted as members of the Dallas Black Chamber of Commerce. We look forward to learning and to growing our organization and our network through the Chamber. We will listen for other ways to support the Chamber and economic development within the Black community.

Expanded Tech Grant program

We are expanding our Technology Grants program and taking steps to further support organizations in direct service to racial justice issues and those predominantly in service to people of color. Included in this is expanding our existing partnerships in Southern Dallas. We also will be expanding our efforts to support minority business owners and entrepreneurs.

Implicit in this statement is that the current system has fundamental flaws. Often, the system most pointedly oppresses our Black neighbors.

We stand against the systems that oppress people based on who they are or where they were born. We are all equally God’s creation and fashioned in God’s image. The recent events surrounding the murders of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and George Floyd are fundamental violations of basic civil society and they are evil. It is strikingly clear that in the country most of our team calls home, basic human rights still are being denied to the Black community.

Our goal is to play a role in removing this injustice for the betterment of all of us and especially for our children. Our immediate action plan has a variety of internal and external activities, but so far we already have taken the following steps: